720 Model

    • The FlexJet System delivers up to 147 customizable jets with 31 water sockets to give you the ultimate water massage.

Seating Capacity:

    • Seats up to 7 people, plus one cooling seat.


    • 80 x 88 x 38 inches / 203 x 224 x 97 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:

    • 675 pounds / 306 kilograms / 3695 pounds / 1676 kilograms

Water Capacity:

  • 362 US gallons 1370 Liters 301 UK gallons


The model 720 has up to 147 customizable jets with 31 water sockets for you to choose from to create the best massage that fits your needs. Each Massage Insert has between one to seven jet orifices that will let you mix and match to create the perfect massage.

With Beachcomber, you also never have to worry about safety. A single, wide, flat step top on the top of the SafeAxiss Steps can be used as a ‘landing pad’ to give bathers a wide, non-slip surface to access the tub, allowing wet feet to grip the surface easily. With the factory Hybrid3 upgrade, you never have to worry about noise from the hot tub pumps because there’s a custom made Noise Reduction Hybrid3 Equipment Pad.

All vibrations are absorbed by this pad and filtered through to the ground. This action minimizes ambient motor noise to allow the equipment to operate at a very low decibel rate.