540 Model

    • The FlexJet System delivers up to 102 customizable jets with 25 water sockets to give you the ultimate water massage.

Seating Capacity:

    • Seats up to 5 people, plus two cooling seats.


    • 70 x 86 x 38 inches / 178 x 218 x 97 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:

    • 600 pounds / 272 kilograms / 3103 pounds / 1408 kilograms

Water Capacity:

  • 300 US gallons 1136 Liters 250 UK gallons

With Beachcomber model 540, you can choose up to 102 customizable jets with 25 water sockets, each one with anywhere between one to seven different jet orifices to help you mix and match to create the perfect massage.

You also never have to worry about keeping your hot tub clean, that’s what Beachcomber’s floor suction and cleaning system is designed to take care of for you. In line plumbed Suction Fittings serve to promote safe, efficient, continuous filtration, as well as removal of sand and debris from the footwell floor. Suction fittings gently push debris towards the suctions and the Gravity Drain fitting.

You also never have to worry about your hot tub succumbing to the elements and freezing over. All Beachcomber Hot Tubs are heated and cleaned using a digital controller specifically built for aquatic environments. Built into this circuitry is a freeze protection function. When the temperature is down to 44 degrees F / 7 degrees C, the digital controller will activate pumps for two minutes to help circulate water.