350 Model

    • The FlexJet System delivers up to 104 customizable jets with 23 water sockets to give you the ultimate water massage.

Seating Capacity:

    • Seats up to 6 people, plus one cooling seat.


    • 80 x 88 x 38 inches / 203 x 224 x 97 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:

    • 650 pounds / 295 kilograms / 3528 pounds / 1601 kilograms

Water Capacity:

  • 375 US gallons 1420 Liters 312 UK gallons

Custom build your hot tub


The 350 model gives you the flexibility of choosing up to 104 customizable jets with 23 water sockets, which allows you to pinpoint massage for specific body lateral and posterior areas; cervical; thoracic; lumbar; sacrum; coccyx; areas of the body requiring therapy and massage to achieve relief from aches and pains.

If you’re away on vacation for a period of time, you have the option of setting your hot tub to the Economy Holiday Mode which tells the hot tub to heat the water only during filter cycles. After you choose the preset temperature on the control pad, the hot tub will maintain this temperature while it’s not in use for a period of time, saving you energy and money.

To add to those energy savings, Beachcomber uses an Icynene Spray Foam Injection. This unique spray foam method utilizes an expanding open cell foam material, and is blown into the cavity of the hot tub during factory production. The foam then expands to fill every crevice, completely sealing and encapsulating all open space inside the hot tub cavity. This foaming allows Beachcomber to provide an energy efficient, integrated unit that will perform in any climate in the world.