340 Model

The FlexJet System delivers up to 81 customizable jets with 20 water sockets to give you the ultimate water massage.

Seating Capacity:

    • Seats up to 5 people, plus two cooling seats.


    • 70 x 86 x 34 inches / 178 x 218 x 86 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:

    • 540 pounds / 290 kilograms / 3143 pounds / 1426 kilograms

Water Capacity:

  • 300 US gallons 1136 Liters 250 UK gallons


The 340 model gives you the flexibility of choosing up to 81 customizable jets with 20 water sockets with heated air injection. Heated air injection is the recycling of hot air generated by pumping equipment is achieved by pumping the air back into the hot tub and spa water.

Recycling hot air through Heated Air Jet Injection ensures that bathers receive pleasurable, hot water pumped through the FlexJets instead of cold air. Water tight security gaskets prevent water leakage and are designed to create a pinch seal when properly tightened to factory specifications that will prevent water from leaking through the tub.

The gaskets last indefinitely through any water environment so you don’t have to worry about changing them. You don’t have to worry about safety during increment weather with cover lockdown safety tabs that are installed at the end of the lockdown straps and fit into the lockable unit that attached to the hot tub cabinetry. It will help keep out animals and children out of the hot tub as well as keep the heatshield cover on during stormy weather.