320 Model

The FlexJet System delivers up to 45 customizable jets with 10 water sockets to give you the ultimate water massage.

Seating Capacity:

  • Seats up to 5 people, plus one cooling seat.


  • 78 x 34 inches / 198 x 86 centimeters

Dry / Filled Weight:

  • 425 pounds / 193 kilograms / 2444 pounds / 1109 kilograms

Water Capacity:

  • 242 US gallons 916 Liters 202 UK gallons

The round 321 model gives customers the option of choosing up to 45 customizable jets with 10 water sockets for the ultimate massage experience. This model also comes with a Rest-Easy seat -the one area in the hot tub for quiet soaking without FlexJets.

For your comfort and convenience, the hinged microfilter lid access doubles as a convenient drink tray to hold up to eight standard size drinks that can keep you cool and refreshed whenever you need it. You also never have to worry about maintenance being a chore due to AutoKlean; a continuous cleaning and filtration action design.

This system uses Hush Sweepers. When Hush Sweepers are pointed towards the floor, they create a whirlpool effect that gently pushes and agitates debris to allow the suction(s) to trap the debris. This continuous movement removes the debris from the hot tub and it is then eliminated during draining